Subrata Kumar Mondal

Principal Specialist
Contact No.: 0171-5-669850

Career Summary

Mr. Mondal has been working in CEGIS since 2002. Before that he had worked with ISPAN, EGIS and EGIS II since 1991. He has 22 years of experience in the field of planning and management for Resources Economics. He is experienced in preparing socio-economic and environmental baseline studies, master plan for the haor area, feasibility studies, monitoring & evaluation studies, impact assessment studies, management plan and studies for developing resettlement action plans (RAP) for the water, power and gas sectors. He has performed as an international trainer and Economist in flood prediction methods for the Nile Basin, Ethiopia, Africa. He is also familiar with the application of different research methodologies such as, Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA), Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Stakeholder Consultation (SC) and Key Informants Interview (KII) along with techniques such as Public Consultation Meeting (PCM), Public Disclosure Meeting (PDM), In-depth Conversational Interviews (case studies), Spot Assessment Survey (SAS), and Household Survey (HS). He has strong experience in the preparation of project proposals, questionnaires/checklists for HHS and RRA, and has developed study methodologies, selected sample sites and designed survey strategies i.e. selection of local level enumerators, trained-up enumerators and supervised survey activities. He has been engaged in monitoring and evaluation of different environmental and socio-economic parameters by using different social survey techniques including compilation, tabulation, observation, and interpretation of gathered data / information analysis and report writing. He has successfully performed as project leader of many different projects.


BSS (Hons) MSS (Economics)

Area of Interest/Expertise

Social and Environmental Studies including Feasibility, Baseline, Impact Assessment, Social Management Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation, Resettlement Planning studies, Social Mobilization for Resources Management , Disaster Management, Project Planning and Management of Resource Economics Analysis, Coordinate Training i.e. EIA, GIS, RS, Morphology, Climate Change, RAP etc. and related Training as Trainer.