Mohammad Abdur Rashid

Senior Specialist
Contact No.: 01712272764

Career Summary

Mr. Rashid has been working in CEGIS since 2002 as an agriculturist of a multidisciplinary EIA team for conducting IEE, EIA and environmental monitoring studies of water resources, communication, power, gas and planning sector projects. He is also involved in crop modelling, crop water demand assessment, irrigation water management, trans-boundary issues, climate change and disaster management projects. In addition, he is also involved as a trainer on environmental impact assessment (EIA) and climate change impact on agriculture. Having strong data analysis and computational capabilities with different computer software like DRAS (Drought Assessment) model, AquaCrop (FAO’s crop water productivity model) model, DSSAT (A Decision Support System for Agro-technology Transfer) model, SWAT (Soil & Water Assessment Tool), CROPWAT, ALU (Agriculture and Landuse National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Software), CLIK (Climate Information tool Kit) and CPT (Climate Predictability Tool), CRAFT (CCAFS’s Regional Agricultural Forecasting Toolkit); have good knowledge about GIS application in land resources and agriculture sector; also have good knowledge about different application packages viz. MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.


B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering, 2000 & M.S in Agricultural Engineering (FPM), 2005

Area of Interest/Expertise

Soil, Agriculture, Crop Modelling and Climate Change