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Water Resources Management Division

The WRMD is a dynamic division consisting of multidisciplinary skilled professionals of engineers, planners, and scientists. The professionals have advanced knowledge in hydrology, river dynamics, riverine ecosystem, coastal ecology, ground water hydrology, urban hydrology, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

The professionals are capable of conducting water modeling, water resources assessment, water resources planning and management, hydrological and water quality data monitoring and analysis which immensely contribute to different macro and micro level planning of various projects including water resources management projects in particular.

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Mir Sajjad Hossain
Director (Addl. charge)
mshossain@cegisbd.com; msajjad54@gmail.com

Mr. Hossain has worked in the water resources sector for about 39 years. During his long career he worked in Bangladesh Water Development Board, Joint Rivers Commission (JRC), Bangladesh and Private Organizations. He was involved in the field of construction- related to water res... More

Area of Expertise

  • Feasibility Study of Water Resources Projects
  • Water Management Planning
  • IWRM formulation
  • Social Integration of Water Management
  • Social Integration of Water Management
  • Training.


Projects Under this Division

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Screening, Technical and Environmental Auditing of BWDB Schemes

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River Bank Erosion Prediction

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Convergence of Inland Navigation and Integrated Water Resources Management Goals

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Physical Processes of the Meghna Estuary

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Second National Communication of Bangladesh

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Multi-hazard Zone Maps for Community Risk Assessment

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Investigation of Impact of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Communities

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Sustainable End-to-End Climate and Flood Forecast Application

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Morphological Studies of the Padma River

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GIS based Land Ownership Information System

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