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Remote Sensing Division

The Remote Sensing Division has strong expertise and extensive experience in the application of RS technology in various sectors. This Division provides services in satellite image processing, geo-referencing and map preparation, land use and land cover classification, flood coverage, disaster monitoring and damage assessment including erosion mapping and monitoring.

The Division also conducts analysis of spatial and temporal data derived from satellite images and training on RS.

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Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Mr. Islam is a remote sensing specialist with 15 years of expertise in satellite image processing and remote sensing applications in flood monitoring, river and coastal erosion-accretion, water resources management, environment, agricultural crop map... More

Area of Expertise

  • Conducts satellite image processing, georeferencing and map preparation Land use/land cover classification Disaster monitoring & damage assessment including flood & erosion by mapping & and monitoring Analysis of spatial and temporal data derived from satellite images Training on RS.


Projects Under this Division