Tasfia Dooti

Research Consultant
Contact No.: 01743938324
Email: tasfia@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Ms. Tasfia Dooti has joined CEGIS on March 01, 2021. Before joining, she also completed her 6 months internship at CEGIS. Currently, she is working as a Research Consultant in Research Development and Training Division. She also contributes her expertise to different interdivisional projects.

Within a short period of time, she has been involved in some remarkable national and international projects. Some of the projects are Support to Implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (SIBDP2100) for the General Economic Division (GED), Road map for Land Use and Land Degradation Profile using WOCAT Modelling for the Department of Environment (DOE), Strategic Environmental Assessment of South-west region of Bangladesh for Conserving the outstanding universal value of Sundarbans for Department of Forest (DoF), Land Use Change Knowledge (LUCK) sub-project as part of Joint Cooperation Program and Techno-economic Feasibility Study of 8 bridges over the different river for Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), etc. In these projects, she has gathered vast knowledge and experience about land-use and its functioning, impacts and management, environmental and social impact assessment and its measures, vulnerability assessment, risk reduction and management, traffic volume analysis, and traffic projection. She has experience in using different GIS and Remote Sensing based analytical tools i.e. ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth Engine, etc.

She has also received training on Concepts and Practices of Integrated Water Resources Management.



• B.Sc. in Environmental science & Disaster Management (Hons.) • M.Sc. in Geo-information and Earth Observation (ongoing)

Area of Interest/Expertise

Remote Sensing, GIS, Land-use and Land-use Change Analysis, Environment, Disaster Management, Traffic analysis and projection, Climate Change Impact on Environment, Riverbank erosion and flood vulnerability.