Sharif Tanver Ahammad

Research Consultant
Contact No.: 01672433024

Career Summary

Having five years study (M.Sc & B.Sc) and some of practical field work experience have strongly confirmed forestry and Environment related work. Field research in a tropical forest in different area of Bangladesh  has allowed me to develop both theoretical and practical skills including developing a research proposal, finding appropriate methods, conducting research, analyzing results, interpreting results,. I gained knowledge of biological field techniques with specific experience including Biomass estimation, wildlife conservation monitoring and wildlife monitoring. CEGIS (Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services); I have been working for the last two year as leading ecology  and natural resources development, management and conservation professional in the country’s center for excellence CEGIS and proven my capabilities in development, management, supervision and monitoring multidisciplinary research and program activities throughout the country successfully. Experience in the field of biological science, natural resources management,  field survey, environmental impact on ecosystem, baseline study based on different ecosystem in Bangladesh.


M.Sc & B.Sc in Forestry and Environmental Science

Area of Interest/Expertise

Experience on the fled of biodiversity assessment, ecosystem  conservation and management plan,  education and awareness campaign, plant taxonomy,  vegetation survey, conservation management, EIA study,  aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem and habitat ecology