Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Contact No.: 01715038209

Career Summary

Mr. Islam is a remote sensing specialist with 24 years of expertise in satellite image processing and remote sensing applications in flood monitoring, river and coastal erosion-accretion, water resources management, environment, agricultural crop mapping, natural resources mapping, telecommunication, urban planning, etc. He started his professional career with GIS technology in 1995 and joined CEGIS as a Remote Sensing Professional in 2000. In addition to optical image processing, he has sound knowledge in SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image processing for flood extent mapping and monitoring, and monsoon Aman season rice mapping using temporal SAR images. He also has experience in object-oriented image classification techniques required for information extraction from high-resolution satellite image data. He has strong analytical, communication, leadership, and decision-making skills.


Master of Science in GIS for Environment and Development; Graduation in Urban and Rural Planning

Area of Interest/Expertise

Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Water Resources Management, Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Ecology