Rathindra Nath Biswas

Research Consultant
Contact No.: 01924459934
Email: rnbiswas@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Mr. Biswas has been working in CEGIS since January 2018 in Remote Sensing Division. He has completed M.Sc in Geography and Environment and B.Sc in Geography and Environment from Jahangirnagar University. He has been involved in GIS and Remote Sensing field from undergraduate studentship. He is experienced in satellite image processing and remote sensing applications, land use and land cover mapping and fluvial landforms dynamics analysis. He has expertise on software like, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Erdas Imagine, Google Earth Engine, SNAP Software,  eCognition, ENVI, Golden Surfer, R Language, Rockwork, Crystal Ball.


M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Geography and Environment, Jahangirnagar University

Area of Interest/Expertise

Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Environmental Modeling; Disaster Management; Fluvial and Coastal Geomorphology; Water Resources Management; EIA and Climate Change Adaptation.



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