Rabeya Jahan Munia

Research Consultant
Contact No.: +88 01642101783
Email: rmunia@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Ms. Rabeya Jahan Munia commenced her career journey in 2022 with CEGIS; specializing in language review and formatting, she places a particular emphasis on linguistic excellence. Possessing a post-graduate degree in English Language Teaching (ELT), her expertise strategically enhances content clarity and coherence within the organizational framework.

Delicately verifying documents for formatting, style, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and clarity, Ms. Munia collaborates with subject matter experts for comprehensive reviews. Labeling, organizing, and classifying information, she contributes significantly to easy access and aids in the production of reports and formatting.

Furthermore, Ms. Munia carefully proofreads chapter headings, page numbers, and decorative elements, paying close attention to details and fixing mistakes like misplaced paragraph indents and strange word breaks. Ms. Munia is skilled in text justification, font verification, and making sure running heads, endnotes, and footnotes are accurate. Her flagging of lines that are excessively closely spaced or packed demonstrates her dedication to a flawless layout, which makes her a crucial contributor to document coherence and visual perfection. She edits text for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and accessibility. She makes sure that language variations are followed, that dashes and hyphens are used correctly, and that her word choices are consistent. She verifies acronyms and abbreviations and applies US variants as CEGIS style.

Additionally, Ms. Munia carefully reviews the copyright pages, contents pages, and clickable links in e-books to make sure they are accurate. She verifies ISBNs, edits the authors various event blog entries, and proofreads extra content like references, author biographies, and acknowledgments. Besides she is excellent in maintaining consistency, identifying missing scenes or chapters, ensuring consistent character details, and reporting any continuity issues. She checks timeframes, figures, dates, and measures for correctness.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Munia ensures the application of CEGIS in-house style guidelines. She communicates effectively with authors, writes queries, and creates checklists and style sheets to track editorial decisions. Ms. Munia is capable of proofreading against a copyedit, using proof-correction marks if required, and diligently looks for and flags any ambiguity or confusing sentences. Her skills also extend to managing corrections and proofreading copyedit when necessary.



M.S.C, English (Applied linguistics and ELT), Jahangirnagar University, 2018; B.S.C, English, Jahangirnagar University, 2017.

Area of Interest/Expertise

Language review, Formatting and layout management, Linguistic excellence, Document clarity, Grammar and syntax refinement, Style and punctuation enhancement, Document categorization, Visual precision, Continuity management, Proofreading, Adherence to style guidelines.