Rafiqul Islam

Research Associate
Contact No.: 01710564066
Email: rislam@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Mr. Rafiqul Islam has more than 08 years of working experience in various Organization. At present, He has been working as an Electrical & Electronic Engineer under Power, Energy and Mineral Resource Division, CEGIS from 1st January 2016 and onwards and In-charge of Scientific Equipment (additional). So far, He has involved and have successfully done the following works such as IEE, EIA, SIA and Environmental Compliance monitoring of different types of Projects.

Now He is working in the CEGIS Environmental Laboratory for Installation, Calibration, Operation, Measurement, Repairing and Maintenance of various type of equipment like UV-1800 Spectrophotometer, Turbidity meter, EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Meter, Multipara meter Tester (Edge Hanna), Dust trak arresol monitor, Multi Water Quality Machine (Horiba), Soil salinity meter, Vibration meter, Salinity meter, Echo sounder, Current meter, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), Range Finder & Canopy meter. He can analyse pH, DO, EC, TDS, Turbidity, Salinity, Temperature, NaCl, NO3, PO4, SO4, Fe, NH4 & Silica for water and soil. He can perform Air quality parameter measurement like Pm1, PM2.5, PM10 & Respirable, He can also perform Acoustic and vibration measurement, Flow Velocity, Water discharge and water depth measurement.




B. Sc Engineering (EEE), DUET, MIEB

Area of Interest/Expertise

  • Power Sector Like Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Laboratory Scientific Instrumentation
  • Calibration and Laboratory analysis of Physio-chemical/ Bacteriological of water and soil
  • Biological testing
  • Acoustic and vibration measurement
  • Air quality parameter sampling and measurement
  • River survey data acquisition and processing
  • River Engineering and Environmental.
  • Training Field
  • Satellite Image Based
  • Research Project
  • Other Area:
  • Project management, coordination and supervision.
  • Project proposal and report writing and work as a project leader.