Md. Naif Ahmed Chowdhury

Research Consultant
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Career Summary

Md. Naif Ahmed Chowdhury is a graduate of Forest Science from Khulna University and involve in forest monitoring and ecosystem conservation-related activities with CEGIS from September, 2021.   He has been involved in various projects during his academic life. After graduation, he was appointed as a research assistant in “Nutrients Dynamic Lab, Khulna University” in a project of BFI  (Bangladesh Forest Inventory) for analyzing the soil and litter sample of 2nd National Forest Inventory, funded by USAID and technically assisted by the FAO Bangladesh.  

During the BFI project, Mr. Chowdhury was mainly responsible for analyzing the soil sample properties (quality control, soil texture, soil organic carbon, bulk density) and organic carbon concentration in litter samples. He was also responsible for sample processing, database development and helped to establish the first-ever soil archive in Khulna University, Bangladesh. Experience in the extensive fieldwork in every forest type of Bangladesh, he gains expertise in developing quantitative decision support tools and fit the best tool for natural resource management along with community development.

He had also worked with Shushilan in the DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) Project at the Rohingya Refugees Camp (Reforestation and structural intervention activities) which was guided and supported by UNWFP.


M.Sc. (2019), and B.Sc. (2017) in Forestry, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

Area of Interest/Expertise

Forest health monitoring, mangrove and wetland ecology, nutrients cycling, forest soil and Site productivity, biodiversity assessment, and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).



Hossain, M.S., Khan, M.A.H., Oluwajuwon, T.V., Chowdhury, M.N.A. et al. Spatiotemporal change detection of land use land cover (LULC) in Fashiakhali wildlife sanctuary (FKWS) impact area, Bangladesh, employing multispectral images and GIS. Model. Earth Syst. Environ. (2023).