Md. Mosleh Uddin

Contact No.: 8801715010934

Career Summary

Mr. Mosleh Uddin has been working in CEGIS for more than fifteen years. He has experience in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment as a professional. He also has experience in preparation of environmental reports (IEE, EIA & EMP); assessment of environmental impact on agriculture resources for coastal polder development and various projects; preparation of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for agriculture resource; Community risk assessment; risk reduction action plan; climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation measures; and maintaining liaison with government and non-government officials. He has received training on environment and natural resource management.


B.Sc.Ag(Hon's) from BAU & MS in Agricultural Extension from Sher-e- Bangla Agricultural University (SAU), 2008

Area of Interest/Expertise

Environmental monitoring and Modelling, Natural Resource Management,Agriculture development and planing, GIS


i. Completed a thesis on “Involvement in Home Gardening Practices of Shariatpur Development Society (SDS) areas in       Shariatpur district’’.   ii. EFFECT OF NPK ON GROWTH AND YIELD COMPONENTS OF BRINJAL
M.M.Uddin1, *M. Z. H. Dhali2, M.T.Rahman1 and T.F. Khan1
M.M.Uddin, M. Z. H. Dhali, M.T.Rahman and T.F. Khan (2014). Effect of NPK on Growth and Yield components of Brinjal. Int.
J. Bus. Soc. Sci. Res. 2(2): 178-180. Retrieve from
Received Date: 19/10/2014 Acceptance Date: 26/12/2014 Published Date: 29/12/2014