Md Mostafizur Rahman

Principal Specialist
Contact No.: +8801714242907

Career Summary

Mr. Rahman has extensive experience in the field of GIS, Information Technology, Climate Change, agricultural, Water Resources Planning, Management and development projects in Bangladesh. He is experienced in developing multi-sectoral database such as water, agricultural, geo-spatial census and climate change in Bangladesh. He is working with a multidisciplinary team on specialized projects conducting analysis on environmental and social issues, agriculture, water resource planning, hydrology, database development, land suitability analysis etc. During the analytical process, he uses a set of technical tools such as GIS and RS oriented applications, information technology as well as social tools such as questionnaire survey, stakeholder consultation, etc. He is experienced to assess the natural resources using GIS and RS techniques. He is skilled and capable in making effective use of GIS and RS analysis in solving spatial problems. Mr. Rahman has expertise in developing delta Atlas for Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 which is accessible through touch table technology and geo-portal. He is experienced in EIA, IEE and RP study in different projects conducted by CEGIS. The responsibilities covered the overall planning to design of the desktop and web based GIS application, system Analysis and design, supervise the process and software development, GIS analysis project management, work plan preparation, presentation and reporting. Moreover, responsible for developing spatial database to use GIS as planning tool in Vector GIS i.e. acquiring data, making data usable, structuring databases, analyzing database, cartographic design for display presentation and hard copy map production. Quality checking of spatial and attribute data.  He is working with a group of professional and guide them to create different spatial and non-spatial data layers to fit into a relational database and GIS interface; so that user can handle different layers of information. Cartographic design for display presentation and hard copy map production. Developed map template and symbolization for National water resources database. Also providing technical solution to the programmers and the GIS professionals on technical issues for GIS data base development, management and maintenance. Also, responsible in broad range of data analysis for the water resources planners. Frequently work does computer based hydro-meteorological data analysis (viz. Frequency analysis of flood flow, flood level, low flows, rainfall etc.), topographical data analysis, and preparation of area-elevation curve, cross section profile, long section profile and flood depth map. He is experienced in DGPS/ GPS field survey for image geo-referencing, quality checking and  updating of geo-spatial data sets. He is, also, preparing project proposal, technical notes, developing metadatabase, preparing project concept note, project completion report, Data sharing and ownership policy formulation, presentations for workshops and reports. He is extensively used to the GIS software of ArcGIS10.3, ArcInfo, Eardas Imagine  and ArcView.


M.Sc in Geography

Area of Interest/Expertise

GIS and it’s application, Multi-Sectoral geo-spatial Database Management such as water, agricultural, census and climate change in Bangladesh,  Water Resources Planning, Management and development , Climate Change, agricultural, Touch table application for geo-spatial participatory planning tool, Environment, agricultural.