Mostafijur Rahman Shahin

Technical Assistant
Contact No.: 01763187480

Career Summary

Mr. Mostafijur Rahman Shahin, has 7 years working experience in the filed on river dredging. He has been working at CEGIS under the Morphology Division since 2012. During the working life, his working experience in dredging and dredge spoil management, fixing dredging alignment using hydrographic survey chart and calculation of dredged volume both manually in different methods using GIS tools. He was involved in the optimized dredging project at two important ferry routes (Mawa-Charjanajat & Daulatdia-Paturia) of Bangladesh as well as some important navigation routes and has field-based monitoring experience in dredging activities. He was also involved in the river bank erosion project.


B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Area of Interest/Expertise

River Morphology, River Dredging for Navigation