Mohammad Kamruzzaman

Associate Specialist
Contact No.: 01715914460

Career Summary

Mr. Kamruzzaman, an ecologist, is a specialist in the field of Conservation Biology. He has been working in the field of environment for about 10 years for conservation initiatives in and outside the organization. As a researcher, he had been involved in a team to shape the national biodiversity-based publication – The Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh Project and worked there for more than five years. He is also experienced in Carbon Assessment (CA).


Masters of Science in Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation Biology, 2000 (held in 2004) and Bachelor of Science in Zoology, 1999 (held in 2002) under the Department of Zoology, University of Chittagong.

Area of Interest/Expertise

  • Wildlife Ecology, Management, and Conservation Biology.
  • environmental issues and working as a member of a multidisciplinary team for environmental studies (IEE, EIA, and SEA).
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM).



Hossain, M.S., Khan, M.A.H., Oluwajuwon, T.V., Chowdhury, M.N.A. et al. Spatiotemporal change detection of land use land cover (LULC) in Fashiakhali wildlife sanctuary (FKWS) impact area, Bangladesh, employing multispectral images and GIS. Model. Earth Syst. Environ. (2023).


Hossen, A., Ahsan. M.F., and Kamruzzaman, M. 2015. Hatchability problem of ex-situ conservation of the freshwater crocodile Crocodylus palustris (Lesson, 1831) at Dulahazra Safari Park, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Asiatic Soc. Bangladesh, Sci. 41(2:155-161)


Hossen, A., Ahsan. M.F., and Kamruzzaman, M. 2014. Ecotourism Potentiality in the Dulahazra Safari Park, Bangladesh. J. Environmental Sci. and Natural Resources. 7(1):189-196.