Md Mutasim Billah

Research Associate
Contact No.: 01717592046

Career Summary

Mr. Billah is working as a team member of the EIA team along with supporting them with the necessary policies and procedures. His work requires him to work in a multitude of areas related to environmental health and safety in a given project, which includes: Environmental Impact Assessment (Air, Water, and Noise); Environmental Modeling (Air, Noise, and Hazard); Team formation and management for field visits to collect environmental baseline data; Conducting field visits for environmental data (e.g. air, water, and noise) collection purpose; Preparing environmental compliance monitoring checklist; conducting environmental compliance monitoring and audits of various power plant projects; Consulting with various stakeholders about health, safety, and environmental compliance issues; Conducting Environmental Compliance Monitoring of various Power Plant projects; Reporting back to superiors of the findings in the field and; Formulating an emergency response plan for a given power plant project.



Area of Interest/Expertise

Environmentral modelling, Environmental impact management