Mobasher Bin Ansari

Junior Specialist
Contact No.: N/A

Career Summary

Mr. Mobasher Ansari has started career in this organisation in different social and economic research from 2010. As an anthropologist, he is solely engaged in Social Impact Assessment (SIA), internal displacement/migration, livelihood modeling, poverty analysis, baseline analysis, gender analysis and many more. He is very much familiar with hands-on use of different research methods, tools and techniques such as Questionnaire Survey, FGD, KII, PCM, RRA, PRA, case study and so on. In applying research methods, he has shown his capacity and innovativeness in handling field mobilisation considering ground situation and adapting to field variation to meet the objectives of assigned tasks. He has successfully performed as project leader of many different projects.


MA in Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO) at The Graduate Institute of Geneva (IHEID), Geneva, Switzerland; B.S.S & M.S.S in Anthropology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Area of Interest/Expertise

Socio Cultural Issues, Social Impact Assessment, Livelihood Analysis, Poverty Analysis, and Gender Issues