Mushfiq Ahmed

Associate Specialist
Contact No.: +8801712588262

Career Summary

Mushfiq Ahmed is an ecologist, conservation professional and acclaimed nature photographer has been working on Nature and Bioversity in Bangladesh for the past 13 years. A dynamic and proven proactive adaptability he envisions the possibilities of bringing out the biodiversity conservation which is under great threat. This exuberant Scientist started his quest by completing his B.Sc. (Honors) and M.Sc. in Biological Science, specializing in Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation Biology from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh.

He worked as a research associate for more than a year in the same department up to 2008. He served as Jr. Ecologist for Centre for Environmental and Geographic Information Services under the Ministry of Water Resources. He was assigned to special IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) study for different projects of the Ministry. Apparently he devoted his research and documentation in upbringing “Prokiti O Jibon” (Nature and Life), the first ever TV series showcasing Biodiversity and its current adverse situations in Channel i from 2009. Mr. Ahmed was visionary and intrepid to feature natural ecosystem, wildlife habitat on TV screen for the first time in the country and help raise awareness of environmental issues globally, thus inspiring people to care about this planet.

He has notable experience of working in overall biodiversity and environment sector of Bangladesh. He has visited more than 25 countries and participated several international biodiversity and nature based conferences including UNFCCC COP`s in Durban, Doha and Warsaw as a Bangladesh Govt. delegate. For his nature conservation work, he was selected as 21st Bangladesh Young and Future (Environment)-2012 by The Daily Star. Meanwhile, he co-founded a nature based organization named Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS) in 2010. Currently, he is working as an Ecologist in the ecology, forestry and biodiversity division of CEGIS.


B.Sc (Honors) and M.Sc in Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation Biology, Jahangirnagar University

Area of Interest/Expertise

Wildlife Ecology, Management and Conservation Biology, Natural Resources Managament



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