Khaleda Saladin

Technical Assistant
Contact No.: 01911589901

Career Summary

Ms. Saladin worked as  a Junior Consultant (November 2014 to March 2015) under the Ecology, Forestry, and Biodiversity Division, and as a Research and Executive Secretary Consultant (March 2015 to September 2019) under the Administration, Finance,  and Logistics Division,

After that, As a Technical Assistant under the Socio-Economic & Institutions Division (September 19 to January 2020) and As a Technical Assistant under the Research Development and Training Division (January 2020 to 19 July 2021). Then, she started working in the Human Resources and Business Development Division, from 11th August 2021   to date. Her total year of experience is about 9 years.

She is responsible for preparing EOI, Proposal; Contract Documents Preparation; Communicating with Clients; and Preparing Internal Agreements such as Joint ventures, Sub-Contract; Drafting Letters, etc. Handling Memos and furnishing Performance Security; maintaining revolving funds for the Division etc.

From January 2019 working as a Permanent Employee of CEGIS.

She did her master’s in Social welfare from Siddehwari Girls College under National University in 2001



MSS in Social welfare

Area of Interest/Expertise

 It’s her interest to serve dedicatedly with new knowledge and experience by involving  Human Resource Management and Business Development