Dr. Kazi Md. Noor Newaz

Director (Addl. Charge)
Contact No.: +88 01817549619
Email: noornewaz@cegisbd.com; newazkazibd@gmail.com

Career Summary

Dr. Kazi Noor Newaz has started his professional life as a scientist and worked about ten years in screening, ecological adaptation and distribution of plants in the natural environments of Bangladesh. Further to that, he joined as a visiting Fellow in the UNSW, Australia and involved in research, assisting in teaching and supervising students. He was also involved in the research related to reduce bulking due to filamentous bacteria in sewage treatment plants, impacts of environmental pollution on aquatic species and also eco-toxicological impacts on occupational health of workers in NSW, Australia. He has more than thirty seven years of working experiences in different esteemed institutions over a range of capacity and disciplines. He has published a number of research papers in the national and international journals and environmental reports as well.

Dr Newaz has wide experiences in conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessment including all other compliance related necessary studies and preparation of reports (which include: IEE, ESIA, ESHIA CEIA, ESMP, Environmental Performance Report, Land Management Plan, Biodiversity Management Plan and Biodiversity Reference Report etc.) in various sectors (such as power, energy and mineral resources, railway and roads, water pollution/effluent treatment facilities, water and sanitation facilities, industrial development, infrastructure development including flood control management etc.) to meet both national and international regulatory and financial institutions’ requirements with a target towards helping development activities ensuring sustainable environmental management. He also possessed experience in conducting training program for officials on environmental management including occupational health and safety for establishment of safe work procedures.

Further to that, he has been involved in the natural resources conservation studies and ecosystem management that promotes ecosystem services and alternative livelihood in various regions including wetland areas of Bangladesh. In addition, he has been involved in the management of water pollution through various ecological engineering processes.


M.Sc. In Environmental Science, UNSW, Australia -1994-1996; M.Sc. Part-I (research) in Env. Microbiology, UNSW, Australia -1993; Ph.D. in Biological Science/Env. Science (Env. Ecology), U. D. -1982-1988; M.Sc. In Biological Science-Plant breeding and adaptation of species, Raj. Uni.-1976-1978

Area of Interest/Expertise

The area of interest of Dr Newaz include: (i) conducting environmental and social studies of various projects to meet compliance requirements of both national and international agencies and providing suggestions  for sustainable environmental development as Environmental Compliance Specialist (ii) Screening of suitable species and conducting of studies on adaptation and distribution of  plants in the natural environment under stress environmental conditions (iii) Natural resources management, biodiversity management and ecosystem management that promotes ecosystem services and alternate livelihood in various areas including wetlands of Bangladesh (iv) Industrial effluent and sewage management through ecologically engineered natural wetlands (v) Research in Environmental Science, Ecophysiology and Ecosystem Services areas.