Hasan Tawfique Imam

Associate Specialist
Contact No.: 01711577399
Email: himam@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

About 15 years of research, consulting experience with modern GIS and GPS technologies in the field of water resources, environmental monitoring, changes & management sector. Involved with data processing, analysis & mapping using Arc-Info, Arc-view (including common extensions), and related database software. He has more than six years of experience and attachment with the current firm. Well conversant with GIS techniques since undergraduate including their theoretical aspects, data-generating analysis, and mapping-related research activities. The setting, Maintenance, and Operation of GIS software and hardware. Thematic and Analytical Map production using GIS software.

Experience in preparation, design, and analysis of Vector and Raster GIS Database. Visual interpretation and digital classification of different types of satellite images. Spatial, Spectral, and Radiometric enhancement of SPOT, LANDSAT, and IRS- 1D Panchromatic Images. Classification of SPOT images, accuracy assessment of the classified images with inventory data, and ground-trothing. Image interpretation, processing, land use/land cover mapping. He has Good Command of communication skills and is a professional team player.


Master of science (M. Sc.) in Geography & Environmental Studies Bachelor of science (B. Sc.) (Hons) in Geography

Area of Interest/Expertise

Advance GIS and RS data analysis,application. Web based GiS and its application in Environmental Management for sustainable development