Hifzur Rahman

Associate Specialist
Contact No.: 01717653395
Email: hirahman@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Mr. Rahman is intensively engaged in socio-economic research and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies. Throughout his professional career, he has worked in fields such as livelihood modeling, Impact analysis on displacement, Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Monitoring and Evaluation Studies, Land Acquisition Plan (LAP), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), and baseline analysis with expertize of social mobilization. As a statistician, he has conducted dependency tests for analyzing the impacts of different disasters on displacement and has performed Indexing of livelihood, sampling procedures, and sample size selection and trend analysis in monitoring issues. For doing those studies he has to operate SPSS, R, MS Access, and MS Excel. He also used to apply ArcGIS in sampling procedures. Mr. Rahman has been working in CEGIS since 2011.


B.Sc. 2007 & M.Sc. 2008 (Statistics), SUST. PGDDM, 2017, (University of Dhaka)

Area of Interest/Expertise

Dependency studies on quantitative and qualitative data, Sampling, Social and Economic Issues, Social Impact Assessment, Livelihood Analysis, Poverty Analysis and Social Mobilization for Natural Resources Management