Md. Habibur Rahman

Associate Specialist
Contact No.: 01711263644

Career Summary

Mr. Rahman is a GIS professional. He has 18 years of working experience in the GIS field under different projects. He has extensive experience in preparing spatial databases for using GIS as a planning tool in both Vector GIS and Raster GIS, 3D models, data collection through DGPS & Total Station; making data usable, structuring databases, analyzing databases, aerial photo interpretation, graphics design, cadastral mapping, cartographic design for display presentation and hard copy map production. He is also experienced in designing and developing methodologies for capturing spatial and tabular data to create GIS databases and to produce thematic information for various fields. Mr. Rahman’s experience also extends to system analysis and development, developing GIS, designing survey form and database structure, organizing data entry and data cleaning jobs, spatial analysis of different aspects, generating contours from water level data or any other topographic level, transferring data in between different systems, geo-referencing and geographic databases, topographic survey with Total Station to generate contours and DEM (Digital Elevation Model), and hydrological analysis. He also has experience in conducting different types of training on GIS applications, GPS & Total Stations.


M. Sc. in GIS for Environment and Development; B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Area of Interest/Expertise

GIS and RS