Hasan Jamil

Deputy Manager (Accounts)
Contact No.: 01819261902
Email: hjamil@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Mr. Jamil has professional degrees in accounting, finance & banking and is trained in information system management. He has completed the Chartered Accountancy Course under ICAB and obtained his in M. Com degree with a major in Accounting and MBA degree with a major in Finance & Banking. He has also received training on server and web-based information and ERP system management. He is highly skilled in financial analysis, database management, and reporting for the decision support system. The potent combination of Information Technology, Accounting and Finance in his background has boosted up the organization’s management capacity to a great extent. He is also specialized in compliance issues under a strong Internal Control Framework that keeps the organization’s financial management system highly accountable, traceable and transparent. He keeps pace with the modern technology of business administration such as online banking, electronic payment and paperless office management through software and database operated documentation and reporting system. As an architect of institutional management, he has designed and developed a number of formats, procedures and mechanisms for financial monitoring, documentation and reporting. His expertise in budgeting, controlling, financial forecasting, time management, and project monitoring make the organization’s core and project management highly efficient and effective.


M.Com (Acct.), MBA (Finance and Banking), CA CC. Financial management and analysis, project management, accounting and bookkeeping, banking, active member of FMB (Fund Management Board), external and internal auditing, management information systems and management reporting.

Area of Interest/Expertise

Financial management and analysis, project management, accounting and book keeping, banking, external and internal auditing, management information system and management reporting.