Gazi Md. Riasat Amin

Research Associate
Contact No.: +8801687665578

Career Summary

Mr. Gazi Md. Riasat Amin has almost 5+ years working experience in the field of Climate Change and Water Resource Engineering. He has vast experience and is dedicatedly involved in using different mathematical modeling tools i.e. SOBEK (1D & 2D), SWAT, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Delft3D, SWMM, SDSM and DSSAT etc. He has proven experience on hydro-dynamic model set up using Delft3D, Delft3D FM, SOBEK 1D, 2D, SWMM, HEC RAS 1D/2D and hydrologic Model setup using SWAT. Some of his remarkable achievements till date are:

1) Winning the title of “Most Promising Young Researcher Award” from CEGIS at recently happened Dhaka Water Knowledge Day-2019.

2) Co-developer of Flow Module and Network Module which are vital part of Bangladesh Metal Model— tool that is supposed to support Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.

3) Developing Bay of Bengal Model using Delft3D. (Currently he is rephrasing the same model into Delft3D Flexible Mesh).

4) Developing Storm Surge Model using Delft3D.

5) Developing 2D Hydrodynamic Model for Shetikheri River of Bhutan using HecRAS.

6) Providing hand on training training on 1D and 2D Hydrodynamic Model using HecRAS to different Government Officials in Bhutan.

7) Provided training on Dellft3D in IWFM, BUET to different professionals from Ghana, India and Vietnam under DECCMA project.

8) 25+ proposal writing for different projects.


After joining CEGIS, Mr. Amin has been working in the field of water resources, climate change adaptation, vulnerabilities and impact assessment, climate modeling (downscaling), hydrologic and hydro-dynamic modeling, flood risk management, development planning and GIS. He was blessed with the opportunity to attend the long term knowledge sharing and capacity building training program entitled “Formulation for Bangladesh Metal Model” arranged in The Netherlands from 10 May to 26 May 2019 under the Joint Cooperation program funded by Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands. He is currently performing the role of project leader for the two remarkable projects such as “Projection of Sea Level Rise and Assessment of its Sectoral Impacts” He has also experienced to work in international arena like Bhutan for flood risk and vulnerability assessment using hydrodynamic model and vulnerability assessment concept. Suitable adaptation measures formulation in concern with climate change was also part of his job.He has grown expertise in writing proposal and also handling several data analysis, processing, landsat/Sentinel-1A/Sentinel-2A image analy


1) M.Sc in Environmental Engineering (Civil), BUET (Ongoing) 2) B.Sc in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (2013), Sylhet

Area of Interest/Expertise

1) Hydrodynamic Modelling 2) Hydro-Morphology Modelling 3) Hydrology Modelling 4) Application of integrated technique of Remote Sesing and GIS 5) Coastal Modelling 6) Development of Advance Flood Forecasting System