Foez Ahmed

Research Associate
Contact No.: 01717272006

Career Summary

Mr. Ahmed has been working with the multidisciplinary team of CEGIS for more than 6 years as a Geologist for conducting geological and hydrogeological studies of water resources, power, climate change, communication and various planning sector projects.

He has gathered experience in the field of detection of zone of influence, monitoring of water quality, assessment of WASH, evaluation of socio-economic status of different groups of people and implementation of MIS system for the Wildlife Crime Monitoring System and Water Quality Monitoring System (WQMS) have been the major tasks completed by him successfully. He has vast experience in questionnaire design & validation, data collection, data analysis, interpretation and project report writing. He also conducts efficient field planning and monitoring survey activities.



MS in Environmental Science and Management MS in Geological Sciences and B.Sc in Geological Sciences

Area of Interest/Expertise

Groundwater Modelling



Temporal Variation of Physical and Chemical Characteristics of water in Buriganga River.