Md Ashis Mawla

Associate Specialist
Contact No.: 01716148860

Career Summary

Mr. Mawla is extensively engaged in various social and economic research in this organization. Throughout his career in CEGIS, he has worked extensively in the fields of social safeguard, involuntary resettlement, Social Impact Assessment (SIA),  baseline analysis, climate change impact on the socio-economic sector, Project evaluation, and many more. Besides, he also has experience in working for women's rights, Women friendly facility development, management of violence against women, and other gender issues. He has a clear understanding of natural resources management in terms of socio-economic and cultural perspectives. Moreover, he has project management skills by deeply engaging in the project and strong communication skills necessary to maintain functional contact with different stakeholders, especially the Government bodies and Development Partners. He is very much familiar with the hands-on use of different research methods, tools, and techniques such as Questionnaire Survey, FGD, KII, PCM, RRA, PRA, case studies, and so on. In applying research methods, he has shown his capacity and innovativeness in handling field mobilization considering the ground situation and adapting to field variations to meet the objectives of assigned tasks.


B.S.S. (Honors) & M.S.S. in Anthropology, University of Dhaka

Area of Interest/Expertise

Social and Cultural Issues, Social Safeguard Analysis, Social Impact Assessment, Resettlement Action Plan, Gender Issues, Monitoring and Evaluation, Climate change and disaster management