Azimuddin Khan

Senior Assistant Manager (Accounts)
Contact No.: 01675604725

Career Summary

Mr. Khan has been working with the multidisciplinary team of CEGIS for almost three years as an Assistant Manager under Administration and Finance Division. He has a background in finance, accounting, and the banking industry. He is in charge of all CEGIS finances and is well-versed in the organization's regulations and accounting procedures. He understands accounting concepts quite well and has amazing budget analysis tactics.. He is a productive employee and maintains the organization’s values. Apart from his work skills, he is an excellent person with good communication and time management skills.



1. MBA in Finance from Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). 2. BBA in Finance & Banking from the International University of Business Agriculture & Technology (IUBAT).

Area of Interest/Expertise

Finance & Banking, Medium Term Budgetary Control, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Total Accounting System, VAT & TAX, Procurement Policies.