A T M Kamal Hossain

Principal Specialist
Contact No.: 01710849778
Email: khossain@cegisbd.com

Career Summary

Mr. A. T. M. Kamal Hossain has been working in CEGIS since 2002. Before that, he was also a professional of EGIS-II and EGIS, the project form of CEGIS for 5 years. He has gained extensive experience in the fields of GIS, database, riverbank erosion prediction, and Capital and Maintenance Dredging for navigation. He has about ten years of experience in planning, designing dredging and dredge materials management, fixing dredging alignment using hydrographic survey chart, and calculation of dredged volume both manually in different methods and using GIS tools. He has also been involved in NWRD, ICRD, ARIS, haor schemes, different morphological projects, and survey projects. He has the capability of data analysis using database software and has strong knowledge about GIS applications in topography and other need-based fulfillment. He has received different trainings at CEGIS and abroad. Mr. Hossain is well capable of handling projects and has good managerial skills under team effort.


M.Sc. Environmental Science, Post-Graduation Diploma in Computer Science and B. Sc. (Civil Engineering)

Area of Interest/Expertise

GIS, Database, Application of scientific approach in Capital and Maintenance Dredging for Navigation and automation of Dredged volume quantification, Water Resources and Environmental Studies.