Md. Ashraful Alom

Junior Specialist
Contact No.: 01710501562

Career Summary

Having more than 12 years working experience with government agency, national and donor organization in the field of fisheries, natural resources management, disaster and climate change. Involve in assessing fisheries issues & problems, fisheries baseline scenario, assessment of fisheries impact due to different interventions of flood control project, water management project, power plant generation and distribution project, and device environmental management plan (EMP) as well as monitoring plan


B.Sc. in Zoology, 2000 (held in 2002) M.Sc. in Zoology (Fisheries), 2001 (held in 2004)

Area of Interest/Expertise

  • Design and develop research methodology, field study organization, participatory natural resources planning and management.
  • Establish fisheries baseline scenario, fisheries impact assessment, fisheries management, small-scale sanctuaries establishment, biodiversity conservation and wetland habitat management
  • Needs assessment, problem census, participatory natural resources planning and management, biodiversity conservation through habitat restoration, sanctuaries establishment and sustainable management practice
  • Develop project concept papers on inland capture fisheries management, biodiversity conservation, wetland management and natural resource management
  • Report writing and project presentation at different levels