GIS Based Digital Land Information System for BWDB

BWDB implemented more than 700 projects for which about 2 lakhs hectares of land has been acquired at different periods of time. However, a substantial portion of these land property is not in possession of BWDB, a considerable quantity of the acquired land property have been recorded by private land grabbers. Subsequently, BWDB is losing control of the valuable resources. In order to support land property management, CEGIS developed a Land Information System (LIS) for BWDB, in which digital GIS map and all relevant scan documents are
put in the Oracle Geodatabase. Land plots have been georeferenced using RTK GPS and web map of plots which are overlaid on Google Satellite Image. Thus current and previous land use of the plots can be viewed online. The system was piloted in Dhaka City and it will be replicated in the entire country in phases.