Malik Fida A Khan
Executive Director (In Charge), CEGIS and Member, National River Conservation Commission

Message from Executive Director

Protection of Environment through sustainable conservation and management of natural resources are important contemporary issues as prevailing environmental problems have far-reaching implications for the health of our planet and its inhabitants while efficient management of the limited natural resources are needed for the sustainable development of the society. CEGIS, being a Center of Excellence of this country has always been whole heartedly devoted and committed for the environment and natural resources management of the country through their expert knowledge and application of state-of-art technologies. Building upon the talent, knowledge, skill and expertise, the goal of this organization is to achieve sustainable socio-economic development using integrated environmental analysis, geographic information systems, remote sensing techniques, database, information technology and other modern technologies.
Since its establishment in May 2002, CEGIS has been acting as a scientifically independent multidisciplinary center of excellence and technically sound entity for providing intellectual services for natural resources management using modern and sophisticated technologies like Geo-informatics, Space Technology, Information Technology, Modeling, Social Tools and Techniques. Over the years, it has expanded its working spheres with added skill and expertise. CEGIS, pioneer in Bangladesh in integrated environmental and social analysis and monitoring studies, now provides solution to the issues and problems of Water Resources, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Power and Energy, River and Delta Morphology, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Spatial Planning etc. and recommends technical options based on local realities and ecosystem need which are feasible and sustainable from the socio-economic and institutional points of view.
CEGIS is a unique multidisciplinary center includes more than 35 disciplinary professional highly experienced with justified knowledge conduct studies and research and now has become unique in Bangladesh.  It is gradually moving and participating in action research and studies in different countries in the world.
Therefore, please consider CEGIS as your intellectual partner in achieving solutions to the different issues and problems in the arenas of technological and environmental development at home and abroad. For further information, please explore this website and feel free to contact us as well.