Mapping of Potential Greenbelt Zone in the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

The Forest Department engaged CEGIS to conduct this study project under the Climate Resilient Participatory Afforestation and Reforestation Project of Bangladesh. The study aimed to undertake afforestation program along the entire coastal zone of the country to mitigate risks from climate change induced coastal hazards which may be more intense in the coming future. The scientists of CEGIS developed the rule based greenbelt width using multi-criteria and multi-indicators which is first time in Bangladesh. The study finding suggested for the creation of a greenbelt, the length of which would extend from the Eastern boundary of the Sundarbans to the Southwest tip of Teknaf covering 38 upazilas of 9 coastal districts and its width would be from 200m to 1000m. The study made an integrated plan to develop the greenbelt.