Haor Area of Bangladesh

Water Resources Management Division

Conducts water resources assessment and planning at macro and micro levels for Integrated Water Resources Management. It deals with application of RS-GIS based planning tools, hydrological modeling and techniques for environmental management of natural resources. This division also carries out water supply, sanitation, and hygiene related activities.

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Md Motaleb Hossain Sarker

Mr. Motaleb Hossain Sarker has been working in the field of water resources, climate change impacts, water supply & sanitation, agriculture water management, arsenic & water quality monitoring, and ecological m... More

Area of Expertise

  • Feasibility Study of Water Resources Projects
  • Water Management Planning
  • IWRM formulation
  • Social Integration of Water Management
  • Training


Projects Under this Division

Khulna-Jessore Drainage

The Khulna-Jessore Drainage Rehabilitation Project (KJDRP) was a flagship project of the BWDB for removal of drainage congestion ...Read More

Gorai River Restoration

CEGIS was involved in a World Bank funded EIA of the Gorai River Restoration Project (GRRP) conducted for the BWDB. The impact of...Read More

CDA Water Logging Mitigation

Undulating terrain of Chattogram City have some hectic drainage congestion which have been obstructing the flow of the passages o...Read More

Re-excavation of Kapotaksha

The environmental and social baseline of the Re-excavation of the Kabodak River Project was prepared for the BWDB as part of a sy...Read More

Environmental Auditing

The benefits expected from the Water Management Improvement Projects (WMIP) are reduced vulnerability and enhanced livelihood opp...Read More

Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

Bangladesh, like other delta countries, has to deal with the growing threats of sea level rise, salinity intrusion, flooding, lim...Read More

Feasibility Study River Ports

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority has entrusted CEGIS to conduct feasibility study and ESIA of developing 5 (five) rive...Read More

Master Plan for Haor Area

The haor region of Bangladesh has long been lagging behind the mainstream of national development. There are about 373 haors/wetl...Read More