Power Plant

Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Division

Conducts studies on the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources sectors facilitating enabling environment for generation of electrical power to fulfill the demand of the country. This Division is involved in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Feasibility studies of power related projects.

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Mohammed Mukteruzzaman
Senior Specialist

Mr. Mukteruzzaman possesses about 20 years of progressive professional experience in working in a multi-disciplinary environment and workforce as an ESIA expert in the sectors of power & energy, water resource... More

Area of Expertise

  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Monitoring Studies
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental and Occupational Risk Assessment


Projects Under this Division

EIA of Rampal Power Plant

CEGIS was entrusted by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) and Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company (Pvt.) Limited...Read More