River Bank Erosion Prediction

River, Delta and Coastal Morphology Division

Carries out studies on river, delta and coastal morphology using a unique method based on RS-GIS technology including spatial and hydro-morphological information to predict and monitor morphological changes and bank erosion of rivers. It also conducts morphological and planform analyses and optimizes dredging for maintaining navigation in the major rivers.

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Md Motaleb Hossain Sarker

Mr. Motaleb Hossain Sarker has been working in the field of water resources, climate change impacts, water supply & sanitation, agriculture water management, arsenic & water quality monitoring, and ecological m... More

Area of Expertise

  • Development and enhancement of River Erosion Prediction Model
  • Dissemination of River Erosion Prediction
  • Morphological analysis
  • Training


Projects Under this Division

River Bank Erosion Prediction

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Navigation Routes Dredging

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Capital Dredging in Haor Area

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