CEGIS has been developing many software, database, MIS and web applications for the clients from govenment, non-government and internationla development agencies.
Few of these are listed below:

  • 1 Web and GIS based health centers information system
  • 2 SMS Gateway for monitoring avian bird flu
  • 3 GIS based Salt Industries Information System (GSIIS)
  • 4 Web based Climate Change Database (CCD)
  • 5 National Water Resource Database (NWRD)
  • 6 Integrated Coastal Resources Database (ICRD)
  • 7 WATSURF - Community based Flood Information System Software
  • 8 Land Ownership Information System (LOIS)
  • 9 Cyclone Shelter Management Information System (CYSMIS)
  • 10 NWRD data viewer: Advance Generic Data Viewer
  • 11 NDDS: NWRD Data Dissemination Software
  • 12 DRAS: Drought Assessment Framework (DRAS)
  • 13 NDDSS: Nijhum Dwip Decision Support System
  • 14 LIS: Web based Library Information System
  • 15 SCDSS: Shrimp Crop Decision Support System
  • 16 AqBDS: Aquatic Biodiversity Database for fourth fishery project
  • 17 Information System (MIS) Database for Khulna -Jessore Drainage and Rehabilitation Project
  • 18 ADSS: Arsenic Decision Support System
  • 19 PSWSM: Perennial Surface Water Sources Mapping Software
  • 20 EMIN: Environmental Monitoring Information Network
  • 21 Design of national approach to GPS/GIS for arsenic affected areas
  • 22 SISAMP: SPATIAL Information System for Arsenic Mitigation Programs
  • 23 CLMS: Computerization of Land Management System (CLMS) of Dhaka City- Pilot Project Demra Circle
  • 24 Coastal Island and Char Information System(CIIS)
  • 25 PWMS: Para Water Source Mapping for Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • 26 AOBIS: Establishment of an Aquatic Biodiversity Database in a GIS Environment
  • 27 NSDP: GIS based MIS for NGO Service Delivery Program
  • 28 Development of Qualitative Database for Vulnerability Analysis of Major Livelihood Groups in the Coastal Zones of Bangladesh
  • 29 Landuse/Landcover Atlas Tool: Landuse/Landcover Mapping Tool for ArcView
  • 30 NWRD Theme BrowsingCustomized ArcView for Browsing NWRD Spatial Files
  • 31 WBM: Water Balance Model of South West Region
  • 32 ICRRP: Inventory of Community Risk Reduction Program
  • 33 Web based MIS for National Museum
  • 34 SOLARIS: SOil and Land Resources Information System
Important Events

CEGIS has celebrated its Annual Picnic 2016 on 8 January 2016 at Seagull Resort, Mawna, Gazipur.