Management Committee

The executive management of CEGIS’ activities is headed by the Executive Director appointed by the BoT. As per the organogram, the management body includes the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director (Operations) and Deputy Executive Director (Development). Each of Divisions of CEGIS is headed by a Director. 

Management Organogram


Executive Director

Engr. Md Waji Ullah, Eexecutive Director, CEGIS

The Executive Director is Engr. Md. Waji Ullah. He has taken the charge of the position on 6 March, 2013. Working in CEGIS since 2002, he formerly served in the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and has gained a lot of experiences in the field of water resources. As a water resources engineer he has successfully contributed in dozens of national level projects. He served in CEGIS as Director of the Water Resources Division and subsequently worked as Deputy Executive Director. He was appointed as Executive Director through a formal recruitment process upon the departure of the former Executive Director.


Deputy Executive Director (Development)

Dr. Maminul Haque Sarker, DED (Development)

His responsibilities cover mainly conducting the monitoring of research and development activities through the directors and professionals of CEGIS. He administers the activities of the Morphology, R&D, GIS, Remote Sensing and Quality Management divisions. Dr. Maminul Haque Sarker has been appointed as the Deputy Executive Director (Development) through a formal recruitment process.



Deputy Executive Director (Operation)

Malik Fida Abdullah Khan, DED (Operation), Additional Charge

His responsibilities cover mainly conducting and monitoring project activities through the Directors and professionals of CEGIS. He administers the activities of the Water Resources, Socio-economic, Ecology, Database, Agriculture and Climate Change Divisions. This is in addition to his own duties and responsibilities as the Director, Climate Change and Disaster Management Division.



There are 14 Directors for the 14 Divisions of CEGIS. They head the respective divisions and are members of the Management Committee (MCT). The MCT, which is chaired by the Executive Director, decides on the regular operational issues of CEGIS. By default the MCT members are the recruitment committee members for any kinds of recruitment in CEGIS, except for the higher positions (ED and DEDs).

Mir Sajjad Hossain
Director (In-Charge), Water Resources Management Division
Mobile: 01712209364,
Malik Fida A Khan
Director, Climate Change and Disaster Management Division
Mobile: 01819261274,
Mostafa Ali
Director, GIS Division
Mobile:01......... ,
Dr Dilruba Ahmed
Director, Socio-Economic and Instutional Division
Mobile: 01713001352,
Motaleb Hossain Sarker
Director, Ecology Forestry and Biodiversity Division
Mobile: 01715015419,
Sultanul Arifin Shameem Ahmad
Director (In-Charge), Agriculture and Fisheries Division
Mobile: 01718707273,
A T M Shamsul Alam
Director(In-Charge), Principal Specialist, Quality Management and Publication Division
Mobile: 01711936732,
Abul Kashem Md Hasan
Director, Database ICT & System Management Division
Mobile: 01911364049,
Mohammad Shahidul Islam
Director, Remote Sensing Division
Mobile: 01715038209,
Dr. Maminul Haque Sarker
Director (Additional Charge), River Delta and Coastal Morphology Division
Mobile: 01817006780,
Md Azizul Haque
Director (In Charge), Power Energy and Mineral Resources Division
Mobile: 01789399977,
Position vaccant
Director, Human Resource and Business Development
Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman
Director (In-Charge), Research Development and Training Division
Mobile: 01726652541,
Md Sarfaraz Wahed
Director, Administration Finance Accounts and Logistics
Mobile: 01712209364,
Subrata Kumar Mondal
Principal Specialist, Socio-economic and Institutional Division
Mobile: 01715669850,
Badal Md. Faruque
Principal Specialist, System Manager, Database, ICT and System Management Division
Mobile: 01715111661,
Important Events

CEGIS has celebrated its Annual Picnic 2016 on 8 January 2016 at Seagull Resort, Mawna, Gazipur.