Human Resources

CEGIS has been maintaining rich groups staffs counting more than two hundreds in numbers. The staffs are categorised as (i) Core, (ii) long term professionals, and (iii) short term consultants. The professionals are gathered from various disciplies:

CEGIS Professionals and Staffs

  • Engr. Md. Waji Ullah

    Position: Executive Director,
    Education: M. Sc. (Engineering Hydrology), University College of Galway (UCG), Galway, Ireland, 1994. M. Sc. (Water Resources Development), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand, 1989. B.Sc. (Civil), Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, 1982, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Email: Phone: 01715833006
    Interests: Water Resources Management and Planning, Environmental and Social Impact Analysis.

    Engr. Md. Waji Ullah is a Water Resources Management expert. He is experienced in water resources assessment, planning, development and management especially related to environmental and social studies in both macro and micro levels. His expertise also lies in the power and energy field as well as infrastructural planning, design and implementation. He has more than 30 years of experience in analysing project interventions, conducting IEE/EIA and baseline studies, hydrological analysis, water resource assessment, hydrodynamic modeling, rainfall runoff modeling and salinity modeling. He has conducted a huge number of field investigations and applied various social tools to acquire indigenous technical knowledge of local stakeholders of the coastal areas of Bangladesh. He now leads CEGIS as the Executive Director with a vision to make it an internationally reputed action research-oriented organisation.

  • Dr. Maminul Haque Sarker

    Position: Deputy Executive Director (D),
    Education: PhD, University of Nottingham, UK. MSc in Hydraulic Engineering, IHE, The Netherlands, 1996. Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering, IHE, The Netherlands, 1990. BSc in Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Dhaka, 1980
    Email: Phone: 01817006781
    Interests: River morphology assessment and predictions, River Engineering.

    Dr. Sarker is an expert in fluvial morphology and relevant fields- especially in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), river morphology, predictions of river planform, monitoring the morphological development, planning and execution in the main rivers of Bangladesh. He has developed a satellite image-based erosion prediction system for the Brahmaputra and the Ganges river banks in Bangladesh.

  • Malik Fida A Khan

    Position: Deputy Executive Director (O),
    Education: M.Sc in Hydro informatics, IHE, Netherlands, 2003; B.Sc in Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), 1989
    Email: Phone: 01819261274
    Interests: Water Resources Engineering, Climate Change Studies

    He is experienced in assessing need for awareness raising, capacity building, and education programme on climate change issues and make inventory for collection of emission related activity data, institutional advancements for mainstreaming/servicing adaptation, and good practices on adaptation. He has experiences for reviewing the selected ministries and agencies concerned with water and climate in Bangladesh. He has developed a roadmap for institutionalization the integrated climate change impact prediction modeling approach in Bangladesh.

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Important Events

CEGIS has celebrated its Annual Picnic 2016 on 8 January 2016 at Seagull Resort, Mawna, Gazipur.